KP Moulton

Lawyer – Family Mediator – Doula

About Me

As an advocate, my most valuable resources are my passion and my knowledge. For each client, I bring together my professional, educational and personal backgrounds to support them through what can be very joyful but also very difficult times: pregnancy, birth, and parenting. My support starts with you at the centre and every service is tailored to your needs as an individual and/or family.

Supporting Families

As a family mediator and family lawyer qualified in three jurisdictions, I offer professional legal services in English and Italian. If you’re looking for support through a separation, divorce or other family law issue, contact me today.

Supporting Individuals

Supporting individuals through pregnancy, birth and beyond, I offer services as doula and birth rights advocate. Packages are available for virtual services offered to clients all over the world.

Supporting Your Rights

Whether you’re about to give birth or already have, understanding what rights you have as a birthing individual is critical. In addition to rights advocacy, I also offer support for perinatal loss and traumatic birth .

“Kathy is kind, welcoming and always there to help, no matter what.” – LS

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